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Onisol Systems

Onisol Systems is an SEO, website development, and Software development company that offers quality services in the fields of website designing & Development, Software Designing & Development, Ecommerce Website Design, Android Apps Development, Digital Media Marketing, Training, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other Value Added Services like Bulk SMS provider, Social Media Marketing, to boost up client’s businesses.
The ultimate goal of our company has always been “client’s success in the first place” and it would always be like that. Understanding a customer’s requirements and fulfilling them to the deepest core of satisfaction is what Onisol is all about. The ultimate goal of our company has always been “client’s success in the first place” and it would always be like that. Understanding a customer’s requirements and fulfilling them to the deepest core of satisfaction is what Onisol is all about.


Website Design & Development

Onisol Systems is a leading website design and development company that provides all types of services like custom website designing, PSD to HTML, CMS-based website design, and e-commerce website development whether it is PHP, Java, Magento, Laravel, etc. We are the leading company in the market, having 7+ years of experience and completing 100+ projects.

Software Design & Development

Onisol Systems is a software development company that provides customized software as per clients' requirements and delivers inbuilt software like School Management ERP Solution, Restaurant Management Software, and Gym Management Software developed by Onisol Systems to our happy clients. That's why Onisol has become one of the top software development companies in Gwalior.

Android Mobile Apps

Onisol Systems focused on developing user friendly, interactive, customer oriented, feature-rich android apps for portable devices like mobile, tablets and others. Onisol Systems develop creative and completely functional business and consumer applications specifically according to client requirements and their business models. We build highly operational android apps with fluid UI that are worth being on the top of the Play Store charts.

E-Commerce Websites

Our Onisol Systems team creates a personalized shopping website for you that can attract a lot of customers and help you grow online. We develop very user-friendly E-commerce sites for your online business and whatever your financial plan, we can offer you the best solution with the design for the fulfillment of your business objectives within your budget.Therefore, we offer a wide variety of custom E-Commerce solutions to suit your requirements.

Digital Media Marketing

Onisol Systems is a top digital marketing agency in New Delhi, Gwalior, Noida, and the NCR region that acquires leads and customers with a holistic approach to digital marketing, from content creation to digital advertising, analytics and reporting with a dedicated team of PPC specialists, and SEO (on-page & off page) specialists. Onisol Systems create valuable designs and develop and deploy successful digital solutions for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, YouTube, etc to promote your brand and reach your audience to increase sales comes under SSM. This allows you to share your content via post (image, video, and text) and engage with your existing customers while also reaching out to new clients through brand building. There are five important pillars of SSM. strategy, planning, publishing, listening and engagement.

Software & Hardware Services

Onisol Systems provides software and hardware services to our valuable clients, like setting up of Smart Classes; delivery of desktops and laptops; CCTV Cameras; Fingerprint Readers; and Music Systems for Schools, Colleges, Professional Institutes, and Offices. We also provide network security services and computer or laptop security services. We can offer you the best solution with the design for the fulfillment of your business objectives within your budget.

IT Support & Maintenance

Onisol Systems provides different types of IT services like Domain, Hosting, Bulk SMS (Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS), Payment Gateway of different companies, Security for Websites, and Software like SSL, Site Lock, and Codeguard. We also provide Help desk specialists, application support engineers, website and software developers, QA tech support to our clients within a reasonable cost and quickly response to our client's enquiry.




Onipaathshala is a comprehensive educational ERP software solution designed for educational institutions like schools and coaching institutes. It is a web-based educational ERP software solution that enables schools to use and operate many integrated, interrelated modules and manage the administration of the education system, their students, and faculties through Web-Portal and Android Mobile Apps.



Oni-GymGaurd is a comprehensive web-based "gym management software" specially designed for all types of gyms to manage the administration of their gym organization. Before doing anything, Onisol Systems did some decent research on major difficulties for gym owners. We examined carefully how to make a huge registering system without failure as well as different functions for different kinds of users depending on their privilege.



Onirestro is a web-based restaurant management software that helps restaurant owners and managers manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing billing. Onirestro maintains complete information about the restaurant, customers, employees, inventory, and orders. Reports are generated from day-to-day data which help the manager make appropriate business decisions for the restaurant.



We convert our client's idea into reality, what they are expected for their indivitual Branding and for their organization growth.


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object which help for the of project development.


We believe in developing long lasting business solution rather than just developing an application, which satisfies your needs.


Testing is executing a system in order to identify any errors, bugs, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements.


We deliver the complete tested project from our expect tester, which fulfill, Bugs free Website or Software to our client.


We've been very satisfied to the point that we've been continuing to use Onipaathshala Educational ERP Solution. They are very educated in the space of institution."

Silver Hills School, Gwalior

Silver Hills School, Gwalior

Director & Founder

I felt very comfortable with Onisol Systems team and their thought leadership in the Software industry. They seemed honest, direct and didn't try to upsell services. Higher Visibility did exactly what we asked for and did it quickly.

VISM College

VISM College


Onisol systems design beautiful website, Creative images and have excellent ability to translate varied business concepts into relevant model.

Army School

Army School



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G20 2023: Shaping a Sustainable and Inclusive Future



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Gym Management Software: Revolutionising the Fitness Industry

Gym Management Software: Revolutionising the Fitness Industry

Straight from Company

The fitness industry has grown significantly in recent years, with gyms and health clubs becoming increasingly popular. As more and more people put their health and fitness first, gym owners and managers face the challenge of effectively managing their facilities. Typically when a gym administrat...

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