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Hosting / Server

Onisol Systems provides servers for websites for people or companies that do not have their own servers, high-speed internet connection, or the bandwidth to support a server. We frequently have a large selection of applications, plugins, and themes that can be installed on the website. Onisol Systems is the best hosting provider company. Your website isn’t the only one being served from that server machine. Dedicated hosting, where your website is the only one on the server, is generally considered more expensive. This provides an original and more secure atmosphere for our client as well as for our own company.
We have our servers running 24/7 in our data center and we provide all major types of web hosting for every type of online business. To begin, we set up various servers and provide a dedicated internet connection, as well as proper cooling, maintenance, security layers, and management in order to provide stress-free services.

Onisol Systems offers various types of hosting Services, Like as:

Shared hosting and web hosting
Here you get shared space on the servers, i.e., your website shares server space with multiple other websites. It is an honest option if you are hosting for the first time. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of hosting. You get a free domain, email accounts, SSD disc space, unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate, website builders, DBs, CPU cores, RAM, and other resources.

VPS hosting
Virtual Private Hosting may be a form of hosting during which you get a dedicated IP. The server space is split like within the share but virtually. The server is split into virtual blocks and every block is allocated to the user. Here, you got the freedom to settle on an operating system. It also provides scalability of resources. This is often preferred for middle-scale businesses.

Dedicated hosting
Here you owe the whole server. There is no sharing of server resources. It's good for enterprise- level websites with more traffic on them.

Cloud hosting
It's well suited for small and enormous-scale businesses. This is often the most commonly used hosting type because it provides scalability, reliability, and security at a manageable cost. This again works on virtualization, and therefore the chances of knowledge loss are nearly zero with cloud hosting. It's always better to require managed cloud hosting if you are a newcomer to this domain.

WordPress hosting
This suggests you develop an internet site using WordPress and host it with the assistance of hosting service providers. The service provider manages the rear end of your website, taking care of security, backups, etc.According to the requirements of our client, we manage their operations appropriately and provide a hassle-free environment for our customers.Onisol Systems is a web hosting company that consists of experienced Linux and Windows system administrators who are committed to offering world-class service 24x7. Apart from the same companies, system administrators have expertise in cPanel & Plesk control panels and virtualization technologies and have a proven track record in the migration of servers.

All web hosting companies have different server settings and hardware. The main thing to consider is how close you or your website visitors are to their servers.Therefore, "we provide the right Server/Hosting for the right job."