onisol systems onisalon

ONI-SALON is an inexpensive Windows based software package for beauty salons, hair salons, etc. It is very simple to use; your staff will require no special training, just a basic understanding of Windows. Fundamental to the program is an appointments diary for each of your staff members. Comprehensive and easy to understand Dashboard gives you a visual cue of how well your salon and staff are performing all the important metrics you need. We’re all about the people and our team prides itself on providing incredible help and support when it’s needed. Oni Salon’s support is fast, amazingly friendly and free.

ONI-SALON contain some special modules:-

  • Customer Records Management
  • Employee’s records Management
  • Items Records Management
  • Services and product records management
  • Invoice record management.
  • ONI-SALON contain some special Features

  • Spend Less Time On Paperwork
  • Roll everything employees do, sell, and earn into a complete business management system.
  • Onisalon completely manage Customer Details, employee details and item details.
  • Onisalon allocate product items to your employees, and keep track their activities.
  • Print Invoice of customers from the software instantly.
  • You will save as (Excel / PDF), edit and delete your specific records from admin.
  • E-mail integration facilities are also available.