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Oni-CMS (Company Management Software) that provides everything a business needs to build a complete online presence, including fully integrated invoicing with Vendor, Supplier, Product, Staff, Tax and Reports Management of Company. Oni-CMS gives you complete customizable pipelining and advanced filters and reports with online communication no matter where you are at present. No more jumping around between systems. Get what you need when you need it!

To run a successful company you need to correct steps at the correct time and in the correct amount and it is not easy to maintain all the three things simultaneously until you are Superman and if you are not we are offering you such software that would allow you to manage and grow your venture to the desired and deserved level by helping you to the best possible extent.

Few Oni CMS special modules:-

  • Vendor Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Product Management
  • Technical Staff Management
  • Non-Technical Staff Management
  • Tax Management
  • Reports
  • Oni-CMS allows you to manage your entire business, using software that you can access anytime and anywhere in the world online. Built with professional SMEs in mind, Oni-CMS has 8 integrated systems which combined provide the technology building blocks that grow your business.

    There is no software to install. Your business data are held securely online with our server and accessed by user-id, password from anywhere 24/7 through a modern web browser, tablet or smart phone. Your database is backed up multiple times each day and we protect the systems with firewalls, encryption and security protocols on a par with bank security and beyond. So your business is kept safer than users own computers.

    You don’t need to be an IT expert, or need to hire an IT expert. All backups and updates and any system maintenance are completely taken care by ONISOL SYSTEMS.