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One of the most common problem that blogger comes across is that low traffic on their blog. Seriously starting days are harsh. People say that they only receive 100 or fewer pages views daily. But there are some practices that can easily boost up your traffic to 1000 or more page views daily.

But still we would suggest you to have some patience and Faith for the visitors to arrive to your website naturally by the time passes you will get visitors naturally all you got to focus is your content but if you want some instant visitors then you can follow these steps.

By following these steps you can easily increase your blog traffic and blog value.

1. Blog regularly: Do not leave your blog unattended. Post at least twice weekly. Spend time writing articles post on regular intervals do not neglect your blog for a big time interval. You should post frequently so that your website looks active to your visitors as well as the search engines that are listing you in their search index pages, because if your website looks active to the search engine it directly affects the amount of page views or hit you get. Google keeps on looking for updates on the website.

2. Post Good Articles : Spend time while writing articles. Research about the topic, gather all the information you need. Spend hours making articles. Make articles that will keep your readers hooked up to your Blog. Make Killer articles (Articles that are long and full of useful information that satisfy the reader).

3. Promote on Social Media :Promote your blog on social media Make pages on every popular social Media site about Blog/website. Make a Facebook, twitter page of your blog/website. Post your recent posts on social media simultaneously in thumbnail form.

Because social media is the best way to get instant visitors what is post is directly updated on your social media pages when you get instant visits from the people who have liked your web page for social media page

4. Promote on other blogs : This is most common way and best way to get visitors. I would highly recommend it as it also builds your market value and can help create external links also.

So it is killing three birds with an arrow. Ask others bloggers to promote you in return you can promote them.

  • Write Guest posts on other blog.
  • Comment on other blogs.

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