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In this article we give you tips that you should keep in mind while designing a website and creating content to help you to get on the top in the search engines ranking.
We have made and will surely help you so to start with your website the structure of your website should be clear and simple design your website with correct links and hyperlink link every page of your website there should be no broken pages or error pages the menu of the website should be able to reflect all the content that is being serious featured because structure of your website is the most important part and will create a good User experience if the structure is free flowing.

Your website should be designed for multiple platforms. As in earlier days it was only computer that was being used for Internet browsing but now most of the traffic comes from mobiles and tablets and in mobiles and tablets also there is different kinds of platforms being used such as IOS and Android and Windows so your website should be designed for at least 4 platforms that is for desktop IOS Android and Windows.

Increase your search low time most of the times search engines rank your website on the amount of time it takes to open its homepage most people makes the mistake of buying a cheap domain and hosting that automatically results in a large loading time class loading time means most of the customers will go back after waiting so try to keep your search as fast.

Using metadata correctly, carefully, metadata refers to the Meta keywords, meta title tags and meta description tags correctly using the metadata will increase the website train in the search feet Google bots

But metadata should be designed very carefully do not use the data keywords that are not being featured in the content because once Google and other search engines relies this devil degrade your web rank.

Do not over use the SEO many of times, it sound to that people just over to the SEO you should focus on your content not the SEO, SEO is secondary, yes you should be most of the time is limited to meta keywords, meta data descriptions and title tags doing SEO more than this is not useful as such but it will only be a wastage of time and search engines like Google have blacklisted those websites that uses you too much.

Generate links means getting back-links from other websites there are few methods that could help you to get back-links, the most useful is to buy links or exchange links with other websites.

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