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Why Opting For B.Sc. Nursing Is Best In Abroad As Well As In The Public And Private Sector In India

Why Opting For B.Sc. Nursing Is Best In Abroad As Well As In The Public And Private Sector In India

We understand that it is quite difficult for a student to decide on their career field, especially those who are pursuing their 12th with science or are just qualified for it. There are multiple options to opt-in. However, it is very important to choose the right one for you. And for this, you must check all the available courses before making any decision.

Students who are interested in the medical field can opt B.Sc. nursing as it is considered one of the best options in India as well as abroad. B.Sc nursing is a Bachelor of Science course. It is a 4-year long undergraduate degree course, focusing on preparing talented nursing and paramedical staff. It is a paramedical course that is offered by many medical colleges.

In the B.Sc nursing course, you will learn the skills like Nursing, Human Anatomy, Nutrition, Microbiology, and Genetics. Along with this, the course curriculum also focuses on teaching its students compassion, empathy, and an overall loving attitude toward patients.

BSc Nursing Jobs and Career Options in Private And Public Sectors:

After completing their BSc Nursing candidates will have a lot of options for jobs. There are various BSc Nursing jobs available for graduates. Some of the options they can choose are:
• Clinical nurse in government or private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, health departments, and medical services of the army, navy, or air force.
• Nurse educators in nursing colleges, training institutes, etc.
• Nurse researchers in research institutes and health care companies.
• Nurse Managers or administrators in hospitals.

B.Sc Nursing Programs and Jobs in Abroad:

The scope of B.Sc nursing is around the globe, and there is no place in the world, where you can not find medical services. After completing a Bachelor of Nursing, a nursing student has a wide range of options available. To grow in the field of nursing, you need an exposure to different cultures and work settings. You can also study in a foreign land. It helps you to discover new resources and patient-care methods worldwide. The more experiences you have, the better you become at your job.

Studying different nursing programs has a major advantage of making you the master in a particular discipline. The healthcare sector in abroad is purposely increasing the population of nurses who have detailed knowledge about a single discipline. So, with the help of these programs, you can secure your future self with an established job role in the healthcare settings of abroad.

There are multiple nursing specializations varying as per your field of choice. Be it cardiac, critical care or any other option, you can always explore it. Not to forget that every specialization brings along its set of new challenges and learning for you. With the increasing focus of the government towards this sector, the jobs for medical graduates in US and Canada are also on the rise.

• Full-time nursing jobs in Canada and US are expected to rise by 3.4%, from 64,000 in 2019 to 142,000 in 2035.
• 80% of the Registered Nursing (RN) graduates are able to obtain nursing license in Canada within 2 years of graduation.

The average salary for BSc Nursing in Canada and US is estimated to be 142,000 CAD per annum. Nursing jobs in Canada salary starts from 104,000 CAD and can go up as high as 201,000 CAD. This includes other benefits such as housing and transportation. Thus, the scope of nursing in abroad as well as in India is very good and keeps on growing.

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