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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think".

- Albert Einstein

Education acts as a powerful weapon that enhances and improves the individual's life. It serves as a key for the success in future and gives a bucket of opportunities for a better livelihood. It sparkles a person's mind and thinking, having education in an area of interest helps a person to think, feel, act and behave in a way that contributes to success & makes an individual satisfied.

It is believed that every individual is entitled to have an education "from cradle to grave".

But the coronavirus has shaken and stirred our world from the beginning of 2020. The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic has highly impacted the education system & the teaching-learning process. In the present situation, there is still huge uncertainty about when schools & colleges will reopen & become fully functional. A lockdown is imposed by the governing authorities after the forecasting of the harmful effect of the virus on health which ranges from the simple flu to lethal pneumonia that puts an individual to death bed.

All the educational institutes whether they are playgroups, intermediate schools, colleges, and universities are shut down after this pandemic affects the education of all the age group students which comprises our new buds that are ready to enter the school or the one for whom the colleges bid farewell and plan their career.

The shutting down of schools and the decision to transition from the traditional classroom to a digital platform not only increased learning inequalities among students but also pushed a large number of students out of the school. The adoption of online media is a different experience for both educators and learners.

Many digital companies launch an application to be used by educational institutions like google team, Webex, Microsoft team, zoom, etc which is a new task for both the teachers and the students. It is difficult for the teachers who had expertise in chalk and board to shift to the online mode. Parents who have educated face little or no difficulty in dealing with this application but parents who are not much-educated face a lot of constrain in teaching their children at home through this method results in frustration.

Apart from these many hurdles arises in this method of teaching like poor network connectivity, accessibility, and affordability of the devices, difficulty to make the child sit for long in front of desktops, laptops, or mobile screen, and loss of interest in the students as the classes became boring.

The pressure of the online class makes a child not physically but mentally tired as they need to spend at least 3 to 4 hours attending the class. Increased and unstructured time spent on E-Learning has exposed the children to potentially harmful & violent as well as put them at a greater risk of cyberbullying. Children became less active in physical workouts as they need to spend their whole time dealing with cell phones.

Educators are in a dilemma as to whom they need to listen to and which tool they need to adopt to enhance their teaching skills and make the student more understanding. Some think pre–recorded lecture videos could help, however, this ultimately restricts the interaction between them. It is difficult to design a proper system to fit the learning needs & convenient for all the students.

Onisol Team

Onisol Team


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